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Is drinking "CRAFT" good enough?

In this day and age, beer consumers are far more educated in what "craft beer" is.

For the beer community... identifying true craft breweries doesn't seem to be that big of an issue anymore either but, is supporting craft good enough? It's easier and easier to get great local beer in America and if you live in Southern California it's a breeze. We're blessed to have the number of great breweries we do!

Anyone that's ever worked for me has heard me say the phrase "good enough is never good enough". Typically I am referring to things involved with our festival production etc but this time, I'm saying BUYING CRAFT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Especially right now in light of all the challenges the world, our country, our cities and local communities are facing. It is imperative that we focus on our local businesses where our resources can and will help our small businesses. Our local breweries wont survive without out the support.

Small independent breweries dont have the resources the big guys have to weather the Covid-19 storm. There is a lot of money becoming available out there in aid that many small breweries will qualify for which is some very good news but it's a band aid at best.

I hope you will join me in supporting your local breweries the best you can wherever you live.

Hang in there and drink local... We will get through this!

Cranky Cameron

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