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Brew Ha Ha Productions (PHHP) is rooted strongly in our holding company, E4C Enterprises LLC.  E4C was derived from one of our companies, Events4Causes, a ‘for-profit’ company built to help ‘non-profits’ make money.  While BHHP is a ‘for-profit’ organization, every event has at least one non-profit organization involved and therefore receives benefit both directly and indirectly from our events.  While BHHP is expanding its geographical reach both in where we draw our guests from and in the size of our events, we always consider the communities we are working in.  We strive to be a productive and constructive force for our Communities, whether they be geographic or industry specific such as the Craft Beer Community.  We find that nothing draws us together like a common cause worthy of our attention.


Brew Ha Ha Events have a reputation for the BEST craft beer selection around, not to mention the often added attractions such as a bottle share, beer pairing opportunities with food and fine cigars, and an unprecedented line up of seminars by renowned experts.  Brew Ha Ha festivals draw the most discerning and educated beer enthusiasts of any event in the area and with the addition of fine food features, their reach has broadened to include food enthusiasts as well.


BHHP makes every effort to drive high quality potential customers to our sponsors businesses. To that end, we work with the sponsors managment or appropriate personnel to create compelling reasons for our ‘fans’ and attendees to visit and shop with your business.


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